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Wizard Chess (PC Download)
Wizard Chess screenshotWizard Chess screenshotWizard Chess screenshot

Wizard Chess (PC Download)

File size: 50 MB
Publisher: HQ Simulation
Sold by: Regnow
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System requirements:

Windows XP/Me/2000/98,
PIII 600MHz,
3D video card 16MB RAM
Wizard Chess is the world of chess brought to life in full 3D, featuring stunning fantasy chess pieces. Two forces battle for triumph and glory using strategy, magic and weapons, and your task is to lead your army of humans, dwarfs, elves and other fantastical creatures, to victory. Battles take place in many exotic locations, such as distant deserts and ruins of old temples. Watch as your pieces battle the enemy in the struggle to control the positions needed to launch that final assault on the enemy king!
  • Play Chess with fantasy creatures like dwarfs & elves
  • Brought to life in full 3D
  • 11 different arenas for your chess battles